Training Facility

In a market where new materials and personalised lens designs are constantly being introduced, making the most of these developments demands up-to-date knowledge. In addition to our first-class programme of courses & modules and dedicated team of speakers, the Hoya Faculty also has the training facilities to match.

You will join eye care professionals from across Europe to identify the latest market opportunities and use your new found knowledge to benefit your business, practice or university. The teaching areas are spacious and comfortable, making the Hoya Faculty a genuinely pleasant environment in which to learn and enhance your expertise. 

Best practice

The innovative features which facilitate this process include:

  • The very latest equipment with which to combine theory and practice in the best possible way
  • A special teaching area which includes a dedicated interpreters’ booth
  • An interactive learning experience, including a voting system

Knowledge exchange

The Hoya Faculty is an education and experience centre for opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists who want to further extend their understanding of Hoya products and how they should be prescribed. We emphasise knowledge exchange via direct dialogue with participants, explains the latest technologies, teach proven refraction methods and enable you to brush up on your basic knowledge.

Questions and answers

A key focus of the way we teach at the Hoya Faculty is to address common questions, such as ‘how do I recognise specific problems of presbyopic clients’, ‘what solutions are available to me’, and ‘how can non-adaptation problems best be prevented’. The education recognises that presbyopics area primary target group for opticians and other lens experts. This reflects the ageing population and the increasing availability of advanced multifocal lenses.

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