Pillar 1: Hoya

This module is designed to explain to participants why Hoya is the right company with which to partner. It explains the USPs of this diverse, technically excellent and customer focused company in up to seven content areas (you can choose how many to follow after the introduction).

  • Introduction to Hoya      
  • Marketing
  • New Media  
  • Clinical Expertise  
  • Product Design
  • History

Pillar 2: Dispensing

This is a selection of modules designed to help ECPs to select appropriate Hoya lens solutions.Non-tolerance to spectacle lenses occurs for a variety of reasons and these modules show how to create customer loyalty by successfully turning this situation into a positive.

  • Meeting individual needs by incorporating the latest lens technologies
  • Modern lens options
  • Different PAL designs
  • Parameters needed for SVL and PAL personalisation
  • Relevance of prescriptions to PAL performance
  • How to solve non-adaptation to PAL
  • Experiencing the differences in progressive lens designs, corridors and additions
  • Overview of the main causes of non-acceptance and non-tolerance  to spectacles
  • The latest thinking on presbyopia
  • Investing in the future – paediatric dispensing

Pillar 3: Hoya Products

In this pillar we offer a series of modules in the different types of Hoya products. Each is presented in three parts:

  • Clinical factors & key implications: Within the context of customer needs
  • Technical requirements & key issues: Hoya’s solution with its products
  • Commercial factors & key needs: How to recommend and sell

The different product groups covered are:

  • Single Vision Lenses 
  • Progressive Lenses: Integrated design for all lifestyle needs
  • Indoor Lenses: For modern living in a digital age
  • Kids’ Vision: Starting top quality eye care at an early age
  • Sports Vision: Enhancing sporting performance via optimal visual correction
  • Coatings: Improving visual comfort and customer satisfaction with coatings
  • Photochromics: All-in-one solution for UV and glare protection
  • Digital Tools: Achieving customer engagement and technical excellence

Pillar 4: Optometry

This suite of lectures covers contemporary optometric issues and is adapted to the capability of the individual audience. The following modules are available: 

  • Preliminaryinvestigation and its impact on productselection
  • Importance of full correction 
  • Quick checks of prescription accuracy
  • Advanced binocular refraction method
  • How to control myopia
  • Management of computer vision syndrome
  • Fixation disparity and prescription optimisation
  • Easy tests for screening binocular vision problems
  • Anomalies in binocular vision
  • Clinical management of presbyopia
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