The Hoya Faculty team

Jules van Els

Jules is an optometrist who focuses particularly on the field of binocular vision detection and procedures. He is especially good at finding solutions for binocular vision problems experienced by people with whiplash, dyslexia and asthenopic complaints related to fixation disparity – i.e. situations where out-of-focus vision is the main cause of symptoms. 

Jules uses the procedure according to Dr Haase, a step-by-step process that looks at themotoric and sensory function of the human eye. He is a genuine problem solver who often finds solutions for non-adaptation patients. 

Felix España

Felix S. España, started as a licensed graduate in Optics & Optometry at Complutense University of Madrid in 1988. Five years later he got a Degree Diploma in Marketing Strategy at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid which helped him to develop his career in different positions within the Optical Industry. After launching and managing the second largest Spanish retail chain (Optica 2.000) with more than 100 shops and 850 employees, he joined Hoya Iberia as Marketing Manager. In October 2011 he joined Hoya European Headquarters as EMEA Trade Marketing Manager. His career has allowed him to see the optical industry from many different angles, a key factor to invent and develop tools and systems that help the Eye Care Professionals to improve their performance and results as well as to enhance the consumer experience in the store.

Petri Eskola

An expert in lens fitting, lens technology and sales tools, Petri also has a solid background in implementing best practices at the shop level, having managed a number of shops before joining Hoya. He is an expert in avoiding adaptation problems through the use of different lenses. Petri is currently Category Development and Education Manager of Hoya Vision Care Europe.

Petri has a degree in optometry and is a licensed contact lens specialist. In 2013 he finalised his postgraduate study for the licensed use of the following diagnostic medicines during eye examinations: cyclopentolate, tropicamide, oxybuprocaine and phenylephrine. 

Bruce Evans

Professor Bruce Evans is Director of Research at the Institute of Optometry and Visiting Professor to City University and to London South Bank University. He is a Fellow (by examination) of the College of Optometrists and holds their higher qualifications of Diploma in Contact Lens Practice and Diploma in Orthoptics. He was awarded Fellowship of the British Contact Lens Association in 2006. His main areas of research are children’s vision, dyslexia, orthoptics, contact lenses, and headaches including migraine.
He has an optometric practice in Brentwood, Essex where he specialises in children’s vision, binocular vision anomalies, dyslexia and vision, and contact lenses. 

He has lectured and published extensively and his first book, Pickwell’s Binocular Vision Anomalies, Third Edition, was published in 1997, with the fifth edition published in 2007. Another book by Professor Evans, on Dyslexia and Vision (2001, Whurr publishers), is aimed at members of the public, teachers, and eye care professionals and has been met with critical acclaim. In 2010 he co-authored a book on Vision and Reading Difficulties for eye care professionals. He has authored over 200 scientific and professional papers and has given more than 250 invited lectures.

Christophe Fontvieille

A highly skilled optometric specialist, Christophe has many of years of experience as a clinical practitioner and optical retail professional. He has led various clinical studies and practical training programmes. Christophe has a unique style of translating information about complex visual functions into practical, interactive learning sessions. 

Jessica Gowing

Jessica is currently the Senior Dispensing Optician at Great OrmondStreet Hospital (GOSH).  She set up the dispensing service in June 2014and since then has become a specialist in paediatric dispensing.  At GOSHJessica has worked as part of a multi-disciplinary team along withoptometrists, opthamologists and orthoptists to develop a specialist servicefor children with a wide range of conditions and complex prescriptions. GOSH isone of only four craniofacial units in the UK.  Part of Jessica’s roleinvolves dispensing to children with all types of ocular, facial and head shapeabnormalities requiring specialist spectacle fitting. Examples of conditionstreated at GOSH which require modified or bespoke spectacles includeepidermoloysis bullosa, craniosynostosis and microtia. Between 2008 and 2014Jessica worked as a dispensing optician for Leslie Warren Opticians, anindependent opticians based in Sevenoaks, Kent. Here she provided a high levelof dispensing care for both adult and paediatric patients.  Jessicaqualified as a dispensing optician in 2011 securing the J W Grieve Prize forachieving the highest mark nationally in section C of the Final QualifyingPractical Examination.

Geraint Griffiths

Geraint is an Independent Optometrist and proprietor of Optical3 Opticians. He is managing director of SVUK Ltd and Chair of the Association of Sport and Schoolvision practitioners (ASvP) and is author of the Diplomas in Sport and Schoolvision Practice. Geraint is an examiner for the College of Optometrists and Councillor for the East Midland region in the UK. He is Sportvision Expert for the British Standards Institute (BSI). All lenses have a prismatic effect. He believes the understanding and management of the physiological effects of prism in monocular and binocular vision, is the key to the future of Ophthalmic Optics (Optometry and Dispensing Optics) and the prevention of ocular, systemic and psychological morbidity. 

Willis C. Maples

Dr. Maples in addition to his doctor of optometry degree,  earned a Master's in Community Health.  He practiced privately for 12 years and then was hired to begin a vision therapy program at the new doctor of optometry program at the Oklahoma College of Optometry.  He is a professor emeritus of this college.  He has served as the President of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) and twice served as the Chair of the International Examination and Certification Board of COVD.  

Langis Michaud

Dr Langis Michaud graduated from École d’optométrie de l’Université de Montréal in 1986 where he also obtained his Master’s Degree in physiological optics (1998).He also graduated in public health from the École Nationale d’Administration Publique in 2006. Langis has been a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry since 1989 and Cornea and Contact Lens Diplomate since 1994. He is also Fellow of the Scleral Contact Lens Organisation since 2010 and Fellow of the British Contact Lens Association since 2013.
A full professor at Université de Montréal since 2001 as head of the contact lens department, Langis also treats anterior segment diseases and has been involved in many clinical studies for pharmaceutical and contact lens companies. He has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals and publications, and written chapters for 35 books. Currently developing a unique longitudinal study projecton ocular manifestations of Fabry’s and other lysosomal storage disorders, Langis is president of the College of Optometrists of Quebec. 

Heiner Misere

Heiner has been a master optometrist since 1978. He started his career as a shop manager in opticians’ shops before leading the technical customer service department of Hoya Lens Germany from 1991 to 2002. Heiner then joined the European lens expert team and today organises technical courses for customers and Hoya employees, especially in the field of progressive lenses. He also takes part in customer consultations related to vision problems and in the examination of progressive lenses. 

Bert Pawlow

A specialist in optical knowledge, freeform technology and production procedures, Bert specialises in making clear to course participants that a lens is a complex device. His extensive involvement in new patents allows him to pass on a great deal of know-how and details on the innovations that are currently being introduced in the optical industry both by Hoya and its competitors. Bert has a keen sense of the importance of technology and enjoys pushing the boundaries of knowledge. 

Volkhard Schroth

Volkhard has been working as a freelance specialist for binocular vision and refraction in his studio for optometry in Freiburg, Germany, since 2002. Before that he was employed in an optical shop for 13 years, focusing mostly on refraction and contact lens fitting. He became a certified ophthalmic optician in 1989 and received his optometry degree from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 2008. Volkhard is mainly focused on difficult cases of refraction and binocular vision, and solves visual functionality problems.

An expert in Measuring and Correcting Methodology and fixation disparity,Volkhard is a member of the International Association of Binocular Full Correction. He is also a recognised researcher who has published several case studies as well as a specialist book about MCH. Volkhard has been a trainer since 1990 and given seminars and lectures all over Europe and West Africa. Since 2009 he has been a lecturer at the Institute of Optometry of the Technical University Northwest Switzerland. 

Monica Stephanie

Monica joined Hoya Vision Care Europe in 2014 as NewMedia Project Manager. Her work focuses on providing Eye Care Professionals the best tools to enhance their consumers' experience in the store.
Monica graduated from International Business Management School in the Netherlands and has 8 years of experience working in digital marketing and software development. Two fields that very different one to another but it turns out to be the best practice to balance technical development and marketing point of view. She joined Elsevier and was part of marketing communication team of Life&Science Journal. She worked with TomTom in 2009 and was responsible for TomTom’s website in 45 countries, keeping the consistency of all digital communication across EMEA. She joined Crocs Europe afterwards, just before Hoya, as Web Manager and responsible for digital strategies of the company.   

Georg Stollenwerk

Georg is a freelance lecturer in various fields of optometry, with binocular vision as a specialist subject. An expert in stereopsis, fixation disparity and MCH, he has been president of the International Association for Binocular Vision since 2000. A state approved and licensed ophthalmic optician since 1989 and Master of Science in vision science and business (optometry) since 2011, Georg completed his postgraduate master studies at Aalen University (Germany), the New England College of Optometry (Boston, MA, USA) and Pacific University (Forest Grove, OR, USA).
From 1989 to 2008, Georg was a lecturer at a private technical school for optics and optometry in Germany, after which he became headmaster. He has been giving lectures and workshops in the German and English language and publishing papers since 1990. Through a number of scientific research studies, Georg has successfully developed various stereopsis tests and corresponding optometric equipment. 

Marleen Veldt

After graduating as an orthoptist (Bachelor of Health) at Utrecht University, Marleen worked in a hospital focusing on the visual problems of children, including the management of amblyopia and strabismus. She has since also become an experienced practitioner that helps adults with diplopia and asthenopic complaints. As an orthoptist, Marleen specialises in binocular vision, especially recognising binocular problems and differential diagnoses between normal and abnormal binocular vision. In addition to identifying neurological problems with visual screening tests, she also uses the Polatest procedure to solve asthenopic complaints with normal binocular vision. 

Natalia Vlasak

Natalia Vlasak, started her careeras an ophthalmologist after graduated at Kemerovo State Medical Academy in1998. After 3 years of practice in Clinical ophthalmological hospital she spenta year as a clinical specialist at Westfälische Wilhelms University in Münster,Germany. From 2002 to 2006 she worked at the Helmholtz Moscow ResearchInstitute of Eye Diseases, her specialisation was refraction, low vision andcomplex correction. As a professional service manager for Hoya in RussiaNatalia developed various educational programmes for opticians, optometristsand ophthalmologists over 2006-2012 years. The main thrust of her work since2011 has been to share her optical, optometric and ophthalmological knowledgevia presentations, training courses and workshops as a lecturer at HoyaFaculty. In February she joined Hoya Vision Care as a clinical specialist. Herresponsibilities are the clinical trials, wearer tests, studies, marketingresearchers, articles, publications, and the reinforcement of the clinicalframeworks that HOYA uses in professional education. 

Viviane De Vries

Viviane has been an optician and optometrist since 1979. At the start of her career she gained experience as a contact lens fitter and low vision specialist at several university hospitals. Viviane then expanded her interest into the field of lens and optical technology. She is currently a lecturer at the University College in Brussels and senior lens expert at Hoya Lens Belgium. Viviane’s main passion revolves around education and troubleshooting in the field of progressive spectacle lenses, and she also enjoys teaching topics such as contact lenses and low vision.

Viviane De Vries

Viviane has been an optician and optometrist since 1979. At the start of her career she gained experience as a contact lens fitter and low vision specialist at several university hospitals. Viviane then expanded her interest into the field of lens and optical technology. She is currently a lecturer at the University College in Brussels and senior lens expert at Hoya Lens Belgium. Viviane’s main passion revolves around education and troubleshooting in the field of progressive spectacle lenses, and she also enjoys teaching topics such as contact lenses and low vision.

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