Trainings Schedules

16th - 17th February 2016 International session 

14th -16th March 2016 Italian session 

29th - 31st March 2016 Romanian session

11th -13th March 2016 Hungarian session

18th -20th April 2016 German session

26th -27th April 2016 Spanish session 

28th -29th April 2016 Portuguese session 

1st -3rd May 2016 Belgium session 

9th -11th May 2016 Italian session

11th -13th May 2016 Italian session

24th - 25th May 2016 Malaysian session

30th - 31st May 2016 Dutch session 

1st -3rd June 2016 German session 

6th - 8th June 2016 French session

20th - 22nd June 2016 Romanian session 

5th - 6th July 2016 Portuguese session 

29th - 30th August 2016 Finnish session 

1st - 2nd September 2016 Turkish session 

5th - 7th September 2016 Swiss session  

17th - 19th October 2016 Polish session 

19th - 21st October 2016 Italian session 

2nd - 4th November 2016 Spanish session 

14th - 15th November 2016 Dutch session 

16th - 18th November 2016 Italian session

28th - 30th November 2016 French session 

13th - 14th December 2016 Russian session 

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