Modules Training at Hoya Faculty

Empowering professionals

Our key objective at the Hoya Faculty is to deliver advanced training that empowers you as a visual care professional with more skills and greater credibility in your dealings with clients and staff.  

Every aspect of the classes is well thought by experienced organisers and lecturers, to accomplish these goals. Our groups of between 25 and 40 people are small enough to ensure you receive individual attention and large enough to embrace diversity and encourage discussion. The content is always stimulating and designed to reflect the very latest issues you face with clients.

Four pillars

Our curriculum is built upon four pillars: Hoya, Dispensing, Hoya Products and Optometry. They cover everything from basic knowledge to taking established high-level skills a step further. Modules can be of one or half-day duration, depending on the total amount of training days. You can combine what is interesting to you as an optician, optometrist or ophthalmologist, building an education programme that meets your specific needs. Please click on the different pillars below to read more about each module. 

Specific packages

We also offer ready-to-go packages, mainly focused on improving general optical knowledge. You can combine packages with modules and, when you have specific needs, we can even add other subjects and make you a customised programme.

Smart ways to optimise lens solutions

This new and more commercially focused three-day experience is designed to train ECPs involved in the recommendation process in how to successfully offer Hoya solutions. In this way the Hoya Faculty partners with opticians looking to achieve their business objectives:

  • provide the best solutions for patients
  • stand out from the competition 
  • increase sales

The highly interactive programme assumes participants have a basic knowledge of Hoya lenses and up-skills to identify the right Hoya solutions for patients and communicate benefits in an engaging way. It is ideal for customers who have Hoya as their minority supplier and would like to increase that share. Although the modules are set, we can focus on specific products or exclude others if required.



HOYA Products


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